The Ultimate Guide to Customer Intelligence

We live in a world where our economy is becoming increasingly decentralized. While this is a good thing for the price of raw resources and the cost of manufacturing, it presents quite an issue to customer support. In days past the manufacturer would most likely be the same person as the one selling the products. So if you had any issues you could talk directly to the person who made it. Not only that but if you were living in a close-knit community, you might have been friends with the manufacturer.

Today such interactions are hard to find. Only niche artisanal goods present a product whose creator sells by themselves. This means that a good customer experience solely relies on remote customer support. But just like any other social interaction, online support can be difficult to manage. That’s why you need to consider using customer intelligence.


What Is Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence is an analytical process for monitoring and converting customer opinions and feedback into constructive business elements. This means that through multiple tools customer intelligence can improve your customer support and overall interactions of your business with the public. Customer intelligence relies on tools such as social media monitoring, feedback management, and other data management tools to create a comprehensive picture of all your customer interactions. This in turn helps you analyze and improve your customer experience to further grow your business.

Why Should You Use Customer Intelligence

Benefits of Customer Intelligence

You should start using Customer Intelligence because it can help you grow your business. It does so by pointing out the weaknesses in your customer relations. By analyzing the gathered data you can see what products are favored, how discounts impact your profits, and how successful your business is. And most importantly it will show you how your customers see you.

By knowing your reputation you’re put in a prime position that allows you to improve customer loyalty. And if you can improve loyalty that means you’re guaranteeing customer retention for the future of your business. By using Customer Intelligence you’re perfecting your marketing ROI because you can actively patch up any potential weaknesses.

Tips on Using Customer Intelligence

Tips on Customer Intelligence

The most important thing you need to do before using customer Intelligence is to ensure your customers’ privacy. A lot of data-gathering technologies tend to raise suspicion in customers. That’s why you need to be sure that the tools you use don’t collect any malicious information.

You also need a concrete strategy when it comes to customer intelligence. That’s because it provides you with a lot of information, and if you’re not properly prepared with clear goals in mind you’ll be overwhelmed.

Customer intelligence is a long-term investment. It takes time for you to process all the changes that need to be done, and then you also need to implement them. So setting a long-term goal will be a lot better than expecting tremendous results after just a week or so.

How to Start Using Customer Intelligence

Start using Customer Intelligence

Firstly to begin using customer intelligence you need to gather data. And a lot of data at that. You’ll need to collect feedback that was directly sent to your contact, passive feedback that comes from aggregate sites, and indirect feedback from social media platforms. And on top of all that you need to consider data that isn’t normally considered feedback such as sales data or purchase history. After you’ve collected all that, then you can start analyzing the results and applying the conclusions to your business model.


Using customer intelligence is the next step in leveling up your business. It takes all that you can learn at your stage and collects it into comprehensive steps for further improvement. If you want your business to grow without any issues consider customer intelligence as your baseline approach. That way even if you make any missteps you can rest assured that they can be quickly fixed.

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