3 Things Small Businesses Should Watch For

There are many new and trending ideas that small businesses can take advantage of to boost profits, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase employee productivity. However, positive changes usually require less desirable adjustments as well. Since companies never want the negative to cancel out the positive, here are three things that small businesses should watch out for and take steps to prevent.


1. Scam Calls

Most people are familiar with getting scam calls, as they predate smartphones and even caller ID systems. Some scam calls are telemarketers who cold call people to try to sell them something that is not legitimate. In the process, the caller may end up stealing credit card information, Social Security numbers, and other personal information from unsuspecting businesses answering their phones.

Caller ID spoofing is one way that scammers get people to answer their calls. Spoofing often involves changing the outgoing caller’s area code to match the area code of the recipient, since people are more likely to answer a call from a number that looks familiar. The main difference between VoIP spoofing and caller ID spoofing tends to be the medium used by the outgoing caller.

However, it is important to note that many legitimate people and businesses use VoIP calling for various good reasons.

2. Fake Employment Applications

The majority of people apply for jobs via the internet, which makes searching for a new job more accessible than ever before. However, the downside of this is that a small business may get inundated with applications filled out by bots or real people who are mass applying for anything that comes their way.

This can lead to lots of wasted time for managers of small companies who are trying to find the perfect fit for a position. Calling the candidate for employment to verify their information is one of the most straightforward ways to tell if an application for employment is sincere.

3. Hackers and Phishers

Hackers and phishers increasingly target businesses to gain access to customer information, which they then sell or use in other nefarious ways. This can even happen to small businesses, especially if the hacker thinks a smaller company’s security is less robust. Make sure you have the latest software installed on your company’s electronic systems to help prevent hackers and phishers from breaking in.

With every helpful and trending business idea comes a disadvantageous scenario to watch out for. Keep your eye out for these three things if you own a small business.


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