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Looking for the next great plugin to add to your WordPress website? Let your next one be the Simple Author Box. At first glance, it will seem like you do not need this plugin because its function is very simple, but that is why it would come in handy on your website. It will easily change your entire website and your relationship with your audience and everyone you work with. So read a little more about this great plugin below and see what features it all has to offer.

Simple Author Box Preview


Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box is a plugin worth considering. This plugin is great for you if you have a lot of authors to work with on your content or your posts and you want to give everyone their well-deserved shoutout. You can create them on your website with just a few simple clicks, and you can then customize them to meet your tastes and needs. Being able to include the author boxes mentioned above in your writing is Simple Author Box’s key benefit. You can read more about it below and see what else the Simple Author Box has to offer. This technique will also boost the recognition you receive from your audience. Also, you will be surprised at how simple it is to use this plugin and how much nicer your content will be


Add author boxes for your teammates or coworkers.

Here you can add anything you want about the author you are collaborating with or working with. You can put his first name, last name, biography, short description, all social networks, or anything you think would be good to highlight with your authors. You can even put an image of the author so your visitors can connect more easily to connect with who you are working with or find the author they are looking for. Before you put your author box on your website, check what it will look like using the preview button.

Some things you may not like so you better notice and change them before you put everything live. Add a “popular authors” widget to each and every content that you make to provide a collection of the best authors based on user responses. Unexpectedly, people will start paying more attention if you include any widget at all on your website. As long as those authors are still available, it is likely that visitors will investigate them and search for further content on your website from them. That will be especially important if they like that author’s work. By doing this, you will be effective in enhancing your website’s search engine optimization. You should be given the highest priority if you would like to boost your website’s accessibility and popularity on search engines.

Guest authors can sometimes be assigned articles.

We are sure you will have situations where you or your teammates will not be able to write your articles, create certain content, or do anything else you need to do for your website. As a result, in such cases, guest authors step in. Sometimes it will not necessarily be a writer. It can be a professional in the subject that you want to talk about on your website. Those professionals will provide you with important knowledge and understanding and without that, your created post will not be conceivable.

Simple Author Box Guest

By acknowledging someone as a guest author, you are expressing your gratitude and sometimes securing a long-term partnership with them. In addition, with the help of guest authors, you can expand your audience even more. When fans of your collaborator see that you worked together on that one post, they will surely stay a little longer on your website because their favorite person has worked with you. They will certainly be curious and will want to see what else you have to offer. You can also add these guest authors to your website in just a few clicks.

Author box that you can customize.

Now you are probably wondering: “Does this great plugin have the ability to personalize those author boxes?”

Do not worry, without this feature, this plugin would not play such a big role in building your website and connecting with your audience. With this plugin, you can change everything you want to best suit the look of your website. Do you want to have only red color elements on your website? In just a few clicks you will have a large selection of colors in front of you.

Simple Author Box Settings

Change your text, background, or border color to different shades of red and more. Besides, not everything has to be red. You can play with the settings yourself and find the best combination for you. However, if you have too many possibilities, this plugin also took that into consideration and gave you the option of selecting one of the built-in palettes. Everyone who visits your website will be able to recognize them right away because they were all expertly created.


Simple Author Box will surely pepper your WordPress website. You have a really strong lot of options that you can work with this plugin, and your website attracts more new visitors. Everyone is glad to see that you take care of your colleagues and everyone else you work with, and why not use them when you already have ready-made plugins that do it for you. All you need to do is install them and try them out for yourself.

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