Technology Guest Posting Sites & Blogs to Submit Guest Posts

This article will explain everything about guest blogging, and present the best technology websites that accept guest blogging articles.


What is guest blogging, and what are its benefits?

Guest blogging or guest posting is the act of writing blog posts for another blog. Companies that are guest blogging always post on blogs that are in the same niche.

Blog Posting

Guest posting has benefits for both sides, and if you are the company that writes blog posts for another blog, the perks include:

  • Attracting the audience back to your site
  • Boosting the domain authority using external links
  • Increasing brand credibility and awareness
  • Building relationships with other companies in the industry

This is a terrific way to find an audience that was out of your reach and to suggest Google algorithm your website is more important than other sites. Also, high-quality content is beneficial for users as well, and it highly impacts the SEO performance of the website.

How to find sites that accept guest posting

The easiest way to find sites that accepts guest blogging is to visit the following link where you can find more than 5000 sites where you can publish your blog posts.

Guest Posting Websites

Also, there are other ways that you can use to find sites that accept guest posts:

  • Search on Google
  • Search on social media
  • Connect with people from the niche
  • Join the groups on Facebook
  • Use competitor backlinks

Search on Google – Research is one of the most crucial things for successful guest blogging. You can simply type in the phrases like “blogs that accept guest blogging”, or „websites that accept guest posting” to find blogs that accept guest posts. However, there is another way to perform research that will bring better results. If you type specific keywords under the quotes – for example:

  • “technology” “guest posts”
  • “write for us”, “technology blog”
  • “guest posting” “technology blog”
  • „technology“ “contribute”,

you should get the list of all blog posts in the technology niche that accept guest posting.

Search on social media – Search for guest posting blogs on social media is the same as performing regular research to find people, hashtags, or new topics, for example. You can type in specific keywords to get a list of posts that include that keyword (on Twitter, for example), or even better – the groups or people with the keyword in the name who may be accepting guest posts. You can also go through the feed of your competitors to see if they promoted any posts or set notifications for prolific guest bloggers in your niche to find new guest posting opportunities.

Social Media

Connect with people from the niche – Networking has many benefits, and one of them is that you can get an opportunity to guest post your content on another blog or website easily. Simply ask your contacts if they are interested in publishing your content on their website.

Join the groups on Facebook – Many Facebook groups gather together people who offer guest posting and people who need to publish their content on another blog. In most cases, you would need to write a post and ask someone to publish your content.

Use competitor backlinks – If you ever did competitor analysis for your SEO strategy, you probably noticed all companies use backlinks from guest posts they wrote. With a tool like Open Site Explorer, you can analyze your competitor’s backlinks easily to spot blog posts they have written. If you do not use this website, you can perform a Google search for links. If you replace with your competitor’s domain in the link “guest post”, you should be able to find the sites where your competitor guest posted.

List of 50+ technology sites available for guest posting


To help you and save your time, we prepared a list of the best technology blogs you can reach out to in case you want to guest post your content.

Wrapping Up

Guest posting has many benefits for the website, but it also needs some strategy work incorporated to bring results.

The easiest way to find technology-related blogs that accept guest blogging is through the Me Circle website (simply click this link). There, you will find a vast number of sites that accept guest posting.

Also, this article contains a list of more than 50 technology sites that offer guest posting, so you can start your research there since there is no easier way to find blogs for your next guest blogging adventure.

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