Top 5 Drama Series You Can Start Binging

Who doesn’t want to be in a good mood in their free time? Who doesn’t want to spend their free time watching drama series?

Well, the modern world with online platforms is running behind web series rather than movies. But, whatever the trend is, the world of movies and TV series has been a great source of entertainment for us over time.

If you are in a good mood, you will try to focus on watching good series, and if you are in a bad mood, then you also tend to watch a good e series that can take you to a different world of drama and fight and desire and despair and hope.

To excite your entertainment purpose, we are here to share the top drama series that are a must-watch for you.

At times, we tend to binge into the series, and in those cases, we will not be able to tolerate it if the content goes wrong. So, only after watching the suggestions, you can download all of those free from The Pirate Bay.


Top Drama Series For You

Whatever your preferred genre, a good series will always have the essence of good drama, and we will let you go through a short list to adjust your short leisure schedule.

Don’t worry! We know what you want, and we are not here to give you the spoiler.

1. Breaking Bad

The masterpiece of Vince Gilligan has a rich drama essence for you to deliver. Have you heard about the fictional Chemist character Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston)?

Character Chemistry


Full of drama and crime thriller with Neo-Western dark tragedy, this series is most popular among the viewer and reviewers. Well-written characters with drug dealing approaches, family management, and crime insulation are all you will get here, and it’s a perfect binge for you.

2. The Witcher

We often talk about the handsome features of Henry Cavill, but if you want to experience a true fantasy drama with him, The Witcher is the only option for you. So far, this action drama is a perfect choice for you if you want to experience a heroic fantasy world.

Character Wizzard


This series is adopted from the famous work of Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher. The POV battles, side quests, and the titular human/creature hybrid of Henry Cavill will leave you astonished.

3. True Detective

Have not watched a good detective movie for a long time! Leave the movie and experience a whole series of True Detective with the optimistic works and sumptuous exploration of crimes.



We all know how effective Matthew McConaughey can be when he is given a good character, and here you go! He shows his mastery in this detective series. Full of drama and suspense is included in the series, and Nic Pizzolatto did a great job with the character studies.

4. Westworld 

Now it’s time to focus on a sci-fi drama for you. We know how fantastic Christopher Nolan can be with a Sci-fi movie, and now is the time to introduce his brother Jonathan Nolan who showed his mastery in the fantasy sci-fi species Westworld.

Western Character


This is totally a new idea to create a series like this where the robots were used by humans to play their roles in the West theme park with the dark urges they may have. A complex brain-twisters and death spectacle are included in the series, where you have something very new to explore.

5. The Boys

Now it’s time to explore the drama of a superhero. This is a superhero series on amazon, The Boys, which can be the next best experience for you.



No matter how many superhero movies you have gone through, this will definitely give you the combination of well-oiled serialized network drama and prestige. Well, this series is definitely not for the kids as there is plenty of violence and dark capitalism, which might give a totally different experience from the traditional superhero series.

To Conclude

Are you willing to consider all these web series at once! Well, you can, but a good suggestion will be to cherish one after another with a significant gap so that your binging can work for you. All the above-mentioned drama series are master class, and we can definitely say that you are going for the world-class series that is set to twist your mood unexpectedly.


What are you waiting for! Binge!

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