Samsung ML-1740 Driver for Free-of-Jam Printing

Samsung ML-1740 driver is suitable with your printer to conduct both office and home printing activities although it is originally dedicated for personal use. This printer is a perfect option for you who need to do printing jobs fast without being obstructed by any jams.

This printer got a replacement on its cartridge so that currently it has a longer life and a TonerSave mode that helps to save the use of the ink. The great speed printing delivery is in line with the outputs since it produces clear texts or images. Its compactness makes this printer a good choice for home and dorm.


Samsung ML-1740 driver features

Samsung ML-1740 printer is equipped with a number of features that you can take benefit from to ease the printing jobs. First, it comes with laser technology with a satisfying orienting speed for a home printer allowing you to expect fast and smooth printing outputs produced.

It features a processor with a clock speed of 66 MHz that is paired with sufficient capacity of RAM. The combination of features will guarantee the printing tasks to complete rapidly. This makes Samsung ML-1749 a qualified printer that supports long-term use.

This printer also comes with an input paper tray that can hold 250 pages and an output tray that holds 50 pages. It features a toner cartridge that can produce around 1.000 pages for the starter cartridge along with 3.000 pages for the replacement cartridges.

Samsung ML-1740 printer specification

Samsung ML-1740 printer offers users exciting specification that is completely suitable to support a variety of personal or small business printing needs. This printer perhaps comes with decent specifications instead of powerful ones but it ensures the operation runs quickly and efficiently.

1. Speed

The laser technology Samsung puts into this printing machine enables it to carry out smooth works with the printing speed reaching 17 pages per minute for a letter A size. It is not surprising that Samsung claimed this printer will never jam during the operation.

This printing machine is able to create a maximum monthly duty cycle of up to 15.000 pages which is pretty bug a personal printer that is used at home.

2. Connectivity

This printer has wired connectivity so it requires suitable cables to connect with the personal computer where you store the documents. Make sure that the computer used at home has already been installed with the Samsung ML-1740 driver before you use it to print the documents.

This monochrome printer also offers two connectivity options via parallel cable and USB. Hence, you have to make sure the cables you use to connect both devices have either parallel or USB ports.

3. Media Supports

Samsung ML-1740 printer supports a lot of media types such as plain paper, labels, envelopes, cards, and transparencies. It also can print documents in multiple sizes including letter A, folio, executive, legal, international DL, and custom size.

It is supported with 8 GB of RAM and its memory still can be enlarged to 8 MB to process the documents well.

4. Power

This printer supports efficient printing activities since it consumes 250 watts of power during operation. Meanwhile, when the printing machine is set to standby mode, it consumes less power with only 10 watts.

5. Dimensions

It has a dimension that comprises 13.7 inches in width, 14 inches in depth, and 7.6 inches. This printer also only weighs 15.43 lbs. It is not only handy to move anywhere in your personal work setting. Moreover, the dimension makes it fits the desk next to the computer or any place since it doesn’t take much space.

Samsung ML-1740 driver is one of the best options if you need a personal printer with speed of operation and good clarity of printing outputs.

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