Samsung ML-1650 Driver with Its Tough Printing Performance

Samsung ML-1650 driver is a pair for another Samsung laser printer for monochrome documents. Even though this printer only supports mono documents printing, Samsung designs this printing machine to support though printing jobs.

This printer is considered to be a workgroup printer so it becomes the most suitable option for business professionals. Bringing the tough specification and features, Samsung ML-1650 serves to be a great partner for working with a lot of documents.


Samsung ML-1650 driver features

Like typical laser printers, the laser printing technology used in this printer allows the machine to maintain a fast printing speed. Although it cannot be considered the best printing speed, Samsung ML-1650 has a better printing speed compared with the majority of printers.

Not just this has better speed during the operation, but this printer also offers better printing resolution than monochrome printers. It is because the resolution of the printing outputs is already like the ones produced by the color printers. Hence, the monochrome printing results produced are higher than the standards.

This printer can be connected to various personal computers as long as they have already been installed with the driver. The presence of a 166 MHz processor in the machine combined with a spacious memory allows the printer to conduct high-volume printing tasks.

Samsung ML-1650 printer specification

Samsung ML-1650 brings the specification that support its great performance to handle tough printing tasks that commonly occurred in business professional settings. Hence, it has some traits of all-in-one printers.

1. Speed

As a monochrome printer, the Samsung Ml-1650 printer offers users good printing speed since it reaches 17 pages per minute. With this printing speed, of course, heavy-duty printing tasks run very well. Besides, it has a higher monthly cycle compared to most monochrome printers.

The average duty cycle for the majority of black and white printers is 30.000 pages. Meanwhile, Samsung ML-1650 exceeds the standard by supporting a maximum duty cycle of up to 80.000 pages.

2. Connectivity

This printer uses wired connectivity technology and it can be connected to many computers. To make sure the computer works in doing the printing tasks, first, they need to install the Samsung ML-1650 driver.

Besides, users need to make sure that their computers come with either parallel or USB cable ports to be connected to the printer. It is because the printer only comes with those two kinds of cable ports.

3. Media Supports

To meet the quality of business professional needs, this printer supports various kinds of media types including plain paper, envelopes, labels, and transparencies. It is available to make up different paper format sizes as well.

Coming with 16 MB of memory that still can be expanded up to 144 MB allows this printer to process a high amount of printing tasks without any hassles. Not to mention its resolution which can reach 1200 x 1200 dpi, provides a resolution quality that is similar to color printers.

4. Power

This wired printer requires a connection with a power supply of 120/30 V to carry out its printing tasks. During the operational works, the Samsung ML-1650 printer consumes a standard amount of power for heavy-duty printers.

However, when the printer is not in use and you set it in standby or sleep mode, it only consumes around 20 watts.

5. Dimensions

This printer’s dimensions consist of 14.3 inches in width, 16.1 inches in depth, and 11.8 inches in height. Its weight is 24.25 lbs so it is still easy to move in different settings and doesn’t need too much space to place at home or the office.

Samsung ML-1650 driver supports a tough performance of the printer by offering faster printing speed and better quality of resolution for the printing outputs.

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