Know More About Samsung ML-1750 Driver and Printer Here

The Samsung ML-1750 driver and printer is the best Samsung product that many people are looking for. The Samsung ML-1750 can help you with your various printer needs, for documents, for letters, and various other administrative needs.


Features of Samsung ML-1750 Printer

If you are looking for a printer for various printing needs, you can make the Samsung ML-1750 driver and printer an option that you should consider. This printer and driver is one of the best printing tools that is highly recommended for you.

The design is minimalist and modern, making this tool still attractive to be placed anywhere, even more so in an office environment. The Samsung ML-1750 is one of my most popular printers released by Samsung.

This tool does not have many features that are different from other printers, the tool is simple and compact. On the surface of the body, you can find slots for inserting media and also where the printout results come out. In addition, there is also an on-off button and also an information marker indication light.

General Specifications of Samsung ML-1750 Driver and Printer

The Samsung ML-170 has many interesting specifications that make this tool one of the must-have printers for your office or home. To find out more, here are some brief discussions about the specifications of this tool:

1. Print Out Specification

Just like most other printers, the Samsung ML-1750 can also print various papers in various sizes and thicknesses. This tool can print on media with a thickness such as standard HVS paper with various types of sizes that can be set in the driver.

To print media with other sizes, you can adjust the input media used so that the media paper can fit and the printout results look good. You also have to set up first in the driver of this tool to be able to print media with the size you want, you can even customize your own paper dimensions.

Mainly, this tool is set to print media on A4-sized HVS paper. The printouts have a sharp resolution, around 1200 dpi, making the prints clear to see and not blurry or cracked.

2. Print Speed

The Samsung ML-1750 driver and printer can print media with relatively fast results. This printer can produce printout images with black ink on A4 paper at a speed of 16 ppm.

This speed is a standard speed that is also usually owned by Samsung printers and other brands. With this speed, you can complete tasks or print your documents faster. So this tool is perfect for use at the office or busy home.

Samsung realizes that its users’ time is very valuable, therefore, Samsung makes product sharing that prioritizes efficiency. To start using this tool, you only have to prepare 20 seconds before the tool is ready to print the media you want.

3. Input and Output Capacity

The slot for media output and input on the Samsung ML-1750 printer has been made with a large enough capacity so that it can serve all your printing needs in large quantities.

You can input 250 sheets of HVS for printing, and there is also a slot to accommodate 50 sheets of printout in the output slot. This large output and input capacity means you don’t have to go back and forth if you have to print in large quantities.

The size of this printer is quite light, weighing only 7 kg. You can use this tool as a mainstay in your office or home to print your various needs. You can download the Samsung ML-1750 driver and also get the printer easily.

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