5 Best Coding Challenge Websites

When we talk about impossible things to achieve, coding must be one of them. However, if you are both well-determined and curious enough, you might as well step into the world of coding bravely. In a practical setting, coding is more like any problem-solving matter. Since practice is what will make you master anything, we are bringing you the best 5 coding challenge websites in this article intending to help you master coding quicker than you usually would.

Solving coding challenges turned out to be the best way to sharpen programming skills. Finding solutions to different problems and puzzles significantly empowers your coding capability and open the door for many other opportunities.



One of the best coding challenge websites is HackerEarth. It contains over 8000 questions, 2000 challenges, and over 1000 hackathons. HackerEarth enjoys the trust of over 3 million developers – that is how big its community is. Developer assessment software helps you track your progress, and the web platform will show how many days of different contests and competitions are left. Important to note, HackerEarth is a great remote interview tool and it comes equipped with extensive analytics to keep an eye on your statistics.


CodeChef is a platform made for programmers. It allows them to sharpen their skills in terms of contests, problems, and algorithms. They primarily promote the values of cultural learning and coding within a friendly environment. Having a huge community, the features hosted on CodeChef make it one of the best coding challenge websites out there.


If you are looking for a platform that will assist you with improving your abilities, growing insights, and enhancing planning for specialized meetings – LeetCode is a good solution for you. Numerous developers around the globe utilize LeetCode daily, from Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc. What you will find are more than 1400 challenges to sharpen your coding skills.


The list of the best coding challenge websites includes CodeWars. It stands for s well-designed platform that allows people to work collaboratively on creating challenges. Usually, there are two types of people who make this whole thing work: creators and leaders. The creators authorize kata to teach different techniques, provide solutions, etc. On the other hand, the leaders are in charge of moderating both content and community.

Kaggle Learn

Kaggle is a well-known place where data gather to compete with each other. Micro-courses provided on the platforming teach data scientists practical necessary skills that they can apply right away. Some refer to it as the fastest and most fun platform for sharpening skills in Python, Data Visualization, SQL, and others.


A contest hosted by Google allows developers around the world to improve their coding skills and knowledge online through a variety of courses. Every round lasts for about 3 hours, featuring algorithmic challenges made by engineers from Google, which gives it a feeling of what it is like to work for Google. The intermittent nature of rounds allows every member to take part in all challenges available


To conclude, obtaining coding skills and knowledge is now possible thanks to above mentioned several web platforms. The platforms are there to allow teaming up and joint work on coding challenges that are meant to sharpen your programming and coding skills. Coding challenge websites have the reputation of highly valuable tools that enable many brave and ambitious individuals to step into the world of coding confidently because each one is equipped with features that will allow joint work on coding challenges. Practice has always been the best way of mastering anything in life, so why would the coding be different?

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