How Much Does A Lawyer Cost In New York (NYC)

If you want to get a rough idea of how much does a lawyer cost in New York, this article will be very helpful for you. So here I am going to share the average hourly rates of different types of lawyers.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started:

If you are in some trouble, whether it is a family matter, criminal case, or real estate dispute, hiring a good lawyer can really help a lot and affect the result of the case. However, before proceeding further, you should discuss with your lawyer their fee charges. They will tell you better about their costing better than anybody else.

how much does a lawyer cost in new york city

How Much Does A Lawyer Cost In New York (NYC):

The biggest problem with this question is that there is no direct answer. The fee of the lawyer depends on a variety of things, such as their experience level, practice types, the overall expected duration of the case, and many others.

Most commonly, you will find four different types of fee structures when you visit a lawyer. It is important to understand these fee structures as it will help you get an idea of how much you would expect to pay.

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Lawyer’s Hourly Rates In New York City

Hourly rate is the most common fee structure used by lawyers and law firms. In this structure, the lawyer will bill you based on the time they spent working on your case. Each firm or lawyer has different rules for this, but generally, they track this time by the tenth of an hour with six-minute increments.

Lawyer's Hourly Rates In New York City

As I said, the method to count time can vary from lawyer to lawyer, and therefore, you should pay attention to the fee agreement. Even though the hourly rate structure works in favor of the client who wants an attorney for cases that include family matters or other disputes, this fee structure can be very costly for cases that might take prolonged hearings, such as criminal cases.

The biggest drawback of this fee structure is that you could never know the final cost until the judgment passes. Here you have a list that can help you find out the expected hourly rates of different types of lawyers.

Practice Type AVG Hourly Rate (USD)
Administrative 250-350
Appellate 300-400
Bankruptcy 300-500
Business 400-500
Civil Litigation 350-450
Collections 375-450
Commercial/Sale of Goods 400-500
Construction 300-400
Contracts 275-400
Corporate 300-400
Criminal 200-800
Elder Law 300-350
Employment/Labor 325-425
Family 250-350
Govt. 300-400
Immigration 350-500
Insurance 175-300
Intellectual Property 400-600
Mediation/Arbitration 350-700
Personal Injury 175-250
Real Estate 300-500
Tax 350-500
Traffic Offenses 120-200
Trusts 300-500
Wills & Estates 300-400
Wills & Estates 300-400

Flat Fee Rate

A flat fee structure is great for both lawyers and clients. That is because all the fees get calculated before the lawyer begins working on the case. Most commonly, you either need to pay half of the amount upfront and the rest half of the billing amount after the case is successfully settled.

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Retainer Fee

The retainer fee structure coincides with the hourly rate fee structure, but here you have to deposit a lump sum fee to the lawyer in a trust account. The lawyer then deducts their hourly charges, and when the balance in the trust account reaches less than 25% of the initial deposit, the lawyer may ask to deposit funds.

Contingency Fees

The last fee structure that you may encounter is contingency fees. It is most commonly used in civil law cases such as insurance claims, medical malpractice lawsuits, personal injury, or more where the main goal of the client is to have a monetary settlement.

In such cases, instead of asking for the fee, lawyers ask for a percentage of the settlement. Usually, lawyers ask for around 25-40% of the settlement amount.

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