Top 5 Highest Paid Lawyers In The World (Updated List)

Are you looking for a list of the highest-paid lawyers in the world? Are you searching for the wealthiest or richest attorneys in the world? If yes, you’re on the right corner. In this article, we have shared the 5 highest-paid lawyers in the world.

Lawyers are often regarded as ‘guarding angels’ for an accused when the accused/charged is undergoing trials. This is because lawyers charge their fees according to their time in court to fight a case.

This is why most lawyers are very much professional and calculative in their approach. They try to prove their worth by winning the case for their client, even if they feel that their client is guilty.

As a result, lawyers are always in demand all over the world.

Top 5 Highest Paid Lawyers In The World:

To tackle long and difficult trials, lawyers must have exceptional skills, patience, knowledge, and wit to outwit their opponent.

highest paid lawyers in the world

Pursuing a career in law is a good option, and many students choose to go to law schools. Since the fee of a lawyer is time-based, long trials prove to be profitable for them. Lawyers love to have wealthy clients and enjoy fighting their cases with a lot of effort and confidence. Good lawyers are skillfully able to handle adverse situations that tend to push them on backfoot.

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Today let’s briefly know about the top 5 highest paid lawyers in the world:

#1. Richard Scruggs:

Richard Scruggs has a net worth of about 1.7 billion USD and is known as the ‘King of Torts.’ He graduated in 1976 from the University of Mississippi School of Law. Richard Scruggs is best known for the tobacco and asbestos cases where he won more than 1 billion USD in winning the trial against the involved companies.

Richard Scruggs

He was also involved in lawsuits like the Ritalin class action in 2000, the Lehman brothers case in 2003. His charge is around a thousand dollars per hearing, but his name remains at the top of the list due to his success rate.

#2. Jose Baez:

He is perhaps the most expensive lawyer in the world. Jose Baez came into the international limelight when he worked as a lead attorney in the Casey Anthony murder case. He also fought some more popular criminal cases like the Wilfredo Vasquez and Elvira Garcia cases.

Jose Baez

He completed his law degree from St. Thomas University of Law in 1997. His net worth is estimated at around 70 million USD and charges close to a million dollars for every case.

#3. Joe Jamail Jr:

Joe Jamail makes a list as he was one of the wealthiest practicing lawyers in the United States. He had an excellent reputation and was known for his aggressive, abrasive, and well-spoken behavior.

Joe Jamail

His famous case dates back to 1985 where he represented Pennzoil against Texaco. Then he charged around 335 dollars per hearing. He graduated from the University of Texas School of Law in 1935 and had a net worth of 1.5 billion USD. He passed away in December 2015.

#4. Wichai Thongtang:

Wichai Thongtang is a powerful lawyer from Thailand, where he graduated from Thammasat University in 1970. He was heavily paid as he represented top Thai executives and corporates throughout his career.

Wichai Thongtang

Besides his law career, Thongtang is the Chairman of Cable Thai Holding and a partial owner of Dusit Medical (healthcare sector of Bangkok). His net worth is estimated at around 1.1 billion USD.

#5. Willie E Gary

Wille Gary is one of the bravest, highest-paid, and influential lawyers in the United States, and he is known as ‘Giant Killer.’ He took on several big corporations like Anheuser-Busch and Disney.

Willie E Gary

In addition, he is a motivational speaker, an excellent attorney, and a businessman. He graduated from North Carolina Central University. His net worth is estimated at around 100 million USD and charges over a million dollars for a single hearing.

The bottom line

These were the top five highest-paid lawyers across the world, where most of them belong to the US. They have worked hard and are committed to their profession, making them worthy of every penny they charge. In a lawsuit, they are our only line of defense.

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Updated: November 21, 2021 — 11:07 pm

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